Loan qualification is one of the most important aspects of the Real Estate buying process.  Buyers have several options of times to speak with a lender.  Contact with lenders can be made before looking at homes, after finding a home of interest, or even after making an offer on the desired home.  Although each of these times are acceptable, there are several benefits of speaking with a lender before shopping for homes.  Clients who are pre-qualified will already have a more specific price range that will work for their budget.  This will sometimes open up some options that the buyer previously thought were out of reach.  Speaking with the mortgage lender before deciding on a home will also save time after the offer is made, allowing the closing process to move quicker.  In fact, some sellers prefer to limit showings of their property to only those buyers who have already been pre-qualified.  If you are in the market to buy a new home, but are unsure of the local lenders, ask your J Ray Realty agent to put you in contact with some excellent lenders that will be happy to assist with your financial needs.