The concept of “Buyer’s Agency” was created to offer buyers equal representation throughout the process of any given real estate transaction.  In general, real estate agents are working for the seller.  Their goal is to push for the best interests of their seller.  On the contrary, a contracted “Buyer’s Agent” works for the buyer and pursues the buyer’s best interests.  Buyer’s Agents utilize all material facts to improve the negotiating stance of the buyer.  Buyer’s Agency is especially beneficial to individuals moving to an unfamiliar area.  A Buyer’s Agent can provide information on neighborhoods, school systems, market prices, and a wide array of other conditions that could be essential to your housing decision.  Additionally, a Buyer’s Agent can coordinate contacts with lenders, home inspectors, attorneys, surveyors, and other local professionals throughout the individual’s absence.  As you are looking to purchase your next home, J Ray Realty’s experienced agents would like to represent you and help relieve the stresses that inevitably arise throughout the real estate transaction process.