Spring and Summer are just around the corner – and with the warmer temperatures come Real Estate shoppers.  Now is the best time to get your home listed and advertised if you are looking to sell.  As soon as you have your home on the market, it is your listing agent’s responsibility to take care of getting clients to take a look.  Once the clients are inside, the best thing you can do to promote your own home is keep it clean.  Clean homes always sell much quicker and easier than messy ones.  Just a few simple things can go a long way in leaving a positive impression on potential buyers.  First and foremost, box up and store away anything and everything that is not in immediate use.  Fewer things sitting around means less space taken up, giving the impression of bigger, more open rooms.  This concept applies to floors, closets, cabinets, and especially countertops.  Sweep, mop, vacuum, and dust regularly.  Keep windows, mirrors, and glass doors wiped clean and streak-free.  If you have white blinds, make sure they look white.  Clean stains out of tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets.  Remove any lingering smells (i.e. pet odors, cigarette smells, old food, etc).  Steaming cleaning carpets and burning scented candles will help drastically.  These are just a few suggestions to improve the look of your home.  When your J Ray Realty agent comes to list your home, he/she will be happy to make suggestions to giving your home the best presentation possible.